Message from the President – IFATSEA

Daniel J Boulet

Congratulations to the Air Traffic Engineering Officers’ Association- Sri Lanka on their Silver Jubilee AGM! The ATEOA-SL is a longtime member of IFATSEA and we are excited you’ve reached such an important milestone.

The demand for improved safety and efficiency due to the rapid growth of the aviation sector poses significant challenges on air navigation service providers. And with this increase in growth comes an increase in the importance ATSEPs play in this industry.

An ATSEP’s raison d’être is to maintain the integrity of the information used by pilots and controllers. This can’t be achieved without competent and well-trained ATSEPs and this is why IFATSEA strives for a worldwide standard of ATSEP competency-based training and assessment.

Our Federation brings together ATSEP of all nations, inviting and encouraging everyone to pool their efforts towards a furtherance of safety of International Air Navigation. Based on the principle of co-operation on technical and professional matters, international co -operation, mutual understanding, and an exchange of ideas and experience we can strengthen the line of defense protecting our CNS/ATM systems against safety infringement. I encourage you to assist our IFATSEA team in shaping the competence requirements of ATSEP of the future.

Again, congratulations on your success. We wish you a fruitful conference and we look forward to your feedback soon at our IFATSEA General Assembly in Berlin.

Daniel J Boulet
International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations

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