Message from the Hony. Secretary – ATEOA

H.A. Priyantha

Having served the Association as its Secretary on three consecutive terms, I take this opportunity as a special privileged bestowed on me to soldier the organizing of the 25th Grand Annual celebration in the presence of Honorable Dignitaries and distinguished guests locally and internationally.

We have chosen the theme of this anniversary as ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel) to emphasize and spotlight the silent task performed   by our dedicated members to ensure a dependable and worthy service in the sustenance of safe Air Traffic in the region.

This Acronym ATSEP has been recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to a special category of personnel involved in the installation, maintenance and calibration of Communication Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) systems in contrast to other technical services provided at Aviation domains.

This categorization was a significant awaking to our general membership and the division as a whole which gave these personnel a special recognition by the management. Consequently we have been able to effect a change in the designation of these officers keeping us in par with the rest of the ATSEP in the world. Hence our motto is now actively and effectively contributes to our maximum to achieve the objectives of AASL.

Finally I like to take this opportunity to pay my heartfelt tribute and salute to all the dedicated veteran leaders of our association over the last 25years for the invaluable services rendered by them. It is not an exaggeration if I may say that we would not have gone this far devoid of their guidance and leadership in the past.

H.A. Priyantha
Air Traffic Engineering Officers’ Association – Sri Lanka

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