Message from the Founder President

H.S. Muthukuda

The very notion that the members of the” Air Traffic Engineering Officers’ Association” in Airport and Aviation Services (SL) Ltd are due to celebrate its 25th anniversary, gave me a deep sense of exhilaration and satisfaction for the spade work done to prop it up.

My reminiscences go back to that eventful day years ago when officers representing various divisions of the electronics engineering section congregated at an auditorium in Colombo in response to a call made by me.

This was due to the fact that by then a multitude of problems harassed a majority of these officers without any relief in sight. Hence, severe frustration and discontentment trickled into the very core of the staff gradually affecting day to day operations of the vital services.

If this trend had continued un-abated it would have precipitated lethargy and inefficiency compromising reliability of the facilities provided for safe aeronautical operations.

The primary cause of this frustration and despair among the staff was the lack of foresight and vision on the part of the decision makers /seat warming bureaucrats of yester year who turned a blind eye to the genuine grievances of these officers.

Under the circumstances this association was finally born which offered a glimmer of hope to these disgruntled officers raising their dwindling moral. Subsequently this was registered with the government as a professional body sans any links or affiliations to any other entity in Sri Lanka.

On the contrary, this association today remains affiliated to a prestigious international body delving in aviation electronics named “International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association” (IFATSEA) based in the United Kingdom.

Today, consequent to the relentless and determined efforts of the councils of management of the association, the rights and privileges of its members have been adequately secured.

This in turn had elevated them to a dignified and enviable position creating a set of officers dedicated to honor their official obligations in the most exemplary   manner ensuring a safe passage for all flights in the region.

Lastly, it is my fervent hope and appeal that members of this association would continue to rally round it in times of distress and discord to achieve their valued goals.

Wishing Air Traffic Engineering Officers’ Association Long Life

H.S. Muthukuda
Founder President

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