ATEOA – Training Programs

The ATEOA with the view to enhancing the professionalism of the aviation trade and to uplift the technical standards of the staff of ATSEPs, thought that it would be appreciate to organize a seines of short duration courses, on matters pertaining to the present day Air Traffic Engineering subjects, utilizing Association Funds.

The technical committee on behalf of ATEOA takes this opportunity to present our uttermost gratitude to the management of AASL for their cooperation. Also wish to thank the superintendent of the Civil Aviation Training Center and the staff for their support.

Year 2000

One day seminar on DATA Communication

Conducted by Mr. Kithsiri Samarasinghe

Dean Faculty of Electronics Engineering,

University of Mortuwa

Year 2001   

One day seminar on 8051 Micro controller (Processors designed to programme to achieve special task in electronics industry)

Mr. Agith Rathnayake – Engineer Fentons Ltd

Year 2004 

One day seminar on CNS/ATM

Seminar conducted by Mr. Anada Perera – Snr. Engineer (AASL)

Distribution of CDs containing vital Technical Information related to Air Navigation among members. The main subject included was, Updating Concepts of CNS/ATM and its Implementations.Training

Year 2006   

Advance computer Networking               

Mr. Kaniska de Perera – Visiting Lecture – University of Colombo

Year 2008   

Seminar on lightning protection & prevention technique                                  

Pro. Chandima Gomes

Senior Lecture, Faculty of Physical Science

Colombo University

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