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To provide Communication, Navigation & Surveillance facilities for Air Traffic Services in Sri Lanka Flight Information Region (FIR). Coordinate with adjacent FIRs by means of voice and data communication. Installation, maintenance & calibration of systems in compliance to international standards and many more....
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Aviation Communication

VHF, HF and UHF communication systems including voice communication switching systems, Voice archiving & replay system, trunking communication network for ground communication etc.

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Air Navigation

Navigational aid services via ILS provide center line & glide angle information of a runway to the landing Air Craft. DME provides slant distance to the air craft from the airport. DVOR provides accurate bearing information of a runway ends.

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Air Traffic Management

Primary & secondary radar at Pidurutalagala provide coverage of 200 Nautical Miles and BIA for approach aircrafts. System planned to update with ADS-B technology.

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Airport Security Systems

Non navigational services such as baggage screening systems, metal detection systems, close circuit surveillance cameras.

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Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel are those who involve in Installation, maintenance & calibration of Communication Navigation & Surveillance based Air Traffic Management systems in Aviation fraternity.
Sri Lanka’s sole ATSEP Association & representative of IFATSEA

ATEOA-MEMBERS: Technical & Engineering Personnel / ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel) attached to the Electronics and Air Navigation Engineering Division (E&ANE) of Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) limited, who perform the tasks of Installation and maintenance of Systems & equipment pertaining to Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air Traffic Management systems, Air Traffic Message Handling Systems and Aviation security, weather and related equipment.

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ATEOA Membership scattered over seven sections of the Electronics & Air Navigation Engineering Division located at following places in the Island.

Communication Engineering Section – RMA

The Area Controlled Center at Ratmalana was upgraded in mid 2000 with a fully integrated Air traffic Management system, “EUROCAT 1000” which inclusive of oceanic and radar Control facilities. This system comprises of satellite based Automatic Dependant Surveillance and Controller Pilot Data link Communications facilities


Maintain all navigational aids up to the international standards laid down by International Civil aviation organization. Namely, ILS, DME and DVOR. Primary & Secondary Radar equipment, relevant data processing and display systems are also provided to the air traffic control department. Laser guided aircraft docking system, Automatic weather observation system and trunk communication system, are also maintained by this section.


The functions of the Electronics & Air Navigational Engineering section at MRIA is to maintain all navigational aids up to the international standards laid down by ICAO. ILS, DME, DVOR, Radar feed display, relevant data processing and display systems are also provided to the air traffic control department. AWOS, trunk communication system and airport security baggage clearance & security screening systems are also maintained by this section.


Which is located at the Summit of mountain Pidurutalagala, 8295 ft above sea level. Both Primary & Secondary surveillance Radar were located at the station giving coverage of 200 Nautical Miles. In addition, this station is serving as the repeating station for extended range VHF communication, covering more than 350 Nautical mile radius. The Radar information & VHF Communications are linked to Colombo area control center via a digital Micro Wave Link.


Its main function is Transmitting of aero mobile messages (from aero mobile center, Ratmalana) on H.F. SSB/AM to long distance aircraft. For this purpose, the station is equipped with several high power HF Transmitters and large Antenna field for the HF Antenna Structures.


The main function of the station is to receive the Air to ground aero mobile communication and to relay them to the aero mobile Communication center at Ratmalana. To achieve this task the station is equipped with a large Antenna field approximately 65 Acres along with highly reliable Receivers and multi channel radio Link to Ratmalana.

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