International ATSEP Day – 2020

International Air traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) Day

12th November 2020

November 12 marks the International Day of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel
(ATSEP). On this day, every one of us can be proud of our accomplishments. Most notably, our
role in contributing to a safe and efficient Air Navigation System.
Few professions are as rewarding as that of an ATSEP. Our recognition has been earned through
the display of professional skills in ensuring that the Communication, Navigational and
Surveillance equipment, are properly calibrated, maintained and the related services are promptly
restored in times of outages.
November 12 also reminds us to reflect on how this profession has progressed over the past years
and how it will evolve in the future. Space-based navigation and surveillance technologies will
have a profound impact on our work. While we will be required to maintain ground-based
Navigational Aids, and ground based Surveillance systems for some time to come, we will also be
required to acquire new competences and skills in the fields of GNSS based Navigation systems,
ATM technologies, Systems integration and Cyber security in order to keep up with the
technological developments in Air Traffic Safety Electronics systems. We look forward to such
challenges and will be gearing up for embracing the technological developments in the future.
While wishing you all a happy International Day of the ATSEP we encourage you, your family
and friends to share valuable contributions with the community affected by the Covid-19
pandemic. We also wish you good health and request you to stay safe in these difficult times.


Felix Rodrigo
Hon. Secretary (For and on behalf of the Council of Management of ATEOA)
Air Traffic Engineering Officers’ Association – Sri Lanka

International ATSEP Day - 2020

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