HF Transmitting Section – Attidiya


HF-TxHF Transmitting Station is located at Attidiya close to Colombo Airport Ratmalana.
Main function of this station is to transmit aeronautical-mobile ground to air voice messages originated from the Aero.Comm.Center (Air Ground) situated at Ratmalana Airport. The transmit frequency band used in this purpose is HF (between 3MHz and 30 MHz). The voice signals from AG reaches at Transmitting Station via a Microwave radio link.
To achieve ground to air HF communication, transmitting station equipped with several high power HF transmitters and an antennas consisting of HF Dipoles and bi-conical HF antennas.
In addition HF transmitters, this station maintains a Non –Directional Beacon (NDB) which is the only Nav. Aids facility available to Ratmalana Airport.
HF-Tx2A repeater for Microwave Radio link between Ratmalana Airport and Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) also available at the HF Transmitting Station.
In addition to the three transmitters with antennas installed in 2012, another project is underway to install another three transmitters with antennas to enhance the reliability and quality of the aeronautical mobile service.

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